Along with the structure, rhythm, movement and color that plants bring to a landscape, we can find nature in the contours of the earth, stone, water, light, and shadow.

Garden Design

A passionate regard for the wonders of nature inspires me when I design a garden. The natural language of the site and my clients’ relationship to their land informs me as I create refuges that are beautiful to behold, sensitive to local ecology and sustainable to maintain. My designs include diverse (preferably native) plant material to increase biodiversity, sustainable irrigation and maintenance methods, and an informed choice of hardscape material. Sustainability, functionality and judicial use of space are considered.

Design Process

Initial Consultation

The initial meeting with a prospective client is free of charge. A 1 to 2-hour visit is a chance for me to find out your design needs, to assess your property and to ascertain how we can work together to improve your landscape.

Site Analysis

Once a Proposal for Design Services and Fees has been signed I will visit your property to measure and take an inventory and photographs of current elements and conditions.

Conceptual Design

I will present up to three alternative design ideas, which we can discuss along with plant selection and materials for hardscape. Working together we will come up with a preliminary plan that will fulfill the aesthetic and functional needs of the site.

Design Development

I will draw up an illustrative site plan, which will be included in a collection of documents that can be used to implement the design: a planting plan; construction plans; a cost estimate. I will present these plans to you along with sectionals and other images that convey the intent of the design.


All landscapes change over time and so upon completion of a design I leave clients with a maintenance plan, which includes advice on irrigation and pruning for specific plants, and follows sustainable guidelines. I will also follow up with clients to check on how the design is working out for them.


This is a service for new homeowners or advice for gardeners who like to do their own. I can spend time with you walking the property to take a plant inventory, point out problems and invasive plants and suggest alternative planting.

Fee: $75.00 per hour.

Plant and Garden Sitting

For snowbirds or summer-vacationers, I can keep your houseplants, potted garden plants and vegetables alive and happy while you are gone away.

Fee: $25 per visit.