A garden is at Nature’s Edge, a transitional place where elements of nature co-mingle with the man-made. Along with the structure, rhythm, movement and color that plants bring to a landscape, we can find nature in the contours of the earth, stone, water, light, and shadow.

Whatever our definition of Nature, we are drawn to its beauty, mystery and power because we are a part of it and depend upon it for our survival. However, in this post-industrial age we are becoming further detached from nature as open, wild space is depleted and our land is altered. We are rapidly destroying our ecosystem without realizing it because our natural world is not valued as much as the virtual world.

In the garden nature is often controlled and tidied up, put out of the way. Many gardening practices discourage or destroy the very organisms that bring life to the garden. Herbicides and pesticides kill beneficial insects and their habitats. Birds find little shelter in isolated trees or shrubs planted in the middle of a vast expanse of manicured, chemically treated lawn. Beneficial microorganisms in the soil are killed by over watering and the inappropriate use of mulch.

However, you will want to spend time enjoying the garden that I design for you!

By incorporating elements of nature into my designs I can evoke a sense of wonder and empathy for the natural world in all seasons. Furthermore, designs are successful when sustainability, functionality and judicial use of space are considered.

My designs include diverse (preferably native) plant material to increase biodiversity, sustainable irrigation and maintenance methods, and an informed choice of hardscape material.

I will reconnect you to your land by encouraging responsible stewardship, by providing a sense of place, a healthy environment to relax in and a cure for nature deficit disorder.

“I believe there is a subtle magnetism in nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright”
– Henry David Thoreau
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